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Growing up in Ivanhoe in Western NSW with red dirt between his toes and soul in his heart, Dane Kennedy used his life experiences and his families love of music to create an art of soulful heartfelt poetry.

Telling stories of struggle and hardships of the world’s most vulnerable. Dane has a unique way of expressing heartache in an eye opening yet acceptable and caring way.

Dane has performed along side acts including Archie Roach, Yothu Yindi, Shane Howard, Christine Anu, Coloured Stone, Bonja, Sarah Mcleod, Jeff Martin and has toured with Irish Singer Songwriter Aine Tyrrell who features Dane on her latest album Return to the Sea.

Dane is based in Wagga Wagga NSW and has travelled to all corners of the world playing music including touring Europe, Africa and also USA where Dane recorded his first original track titled "In My Mind" at House of Blues in Nashville, which was written after the loss of his brother to suicide. It expresses his struggle to come to terms with this tragic event.

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